the photographer

David Dornauer

Vienna based portrait photographer

I have always been interested in photography but never did the final step to get started with it since 2010 when I bought my first camera. A good friend of mine taught me some basics and after lots of studying theory, exploring photography techniques, styles etc., I went out and took pictures of literally every thing.

Soon photography (besides being a musician) became a way to channel my creativity and feelings. I started with street photography and after a few months I shot my first concert. Since then I was kind of an underground concert photographer, mostly under the flag of Red In The Sky Photography and I loved it.

But after some time I needed a change and that's when I decided to become a portrait photographer. I read a lot about the upcoming trend of film photography which really fascinated me. So I bought a Hasselblad, which I still own, and I instantly fell in love with analogue photography.

The stunning work of photographers like Jan Scholz (Micmojo), Peter Lindbergh or Ryan Muirhead had great impact on me and I knew that some day I need to be as good as them. So I read everything I could get hand on, worked hard on improving my skillset and became better step by step.

In late summer 2014 I decided to leave my warm and cosy comfort zone by selling all my digital gear and going 100% film.

A new, exciting chapter in my life as a photographer ...